Yoga for menstrual disorder : 9 effective asana


Menstruation disorder is a kind of disorder which basically take place in females. Now we will discuss some Types of Menstruation disorders and yoga for menstrual disorder \ Yoga therapy for menstruation. how a female can overcome and deal with their Menstrual cramps through yogic treatment.

How many types of Menstrual disorders

1) Dysmenorrhoea menstrual disorder

It occurs when pain arises in the lower back, thigh or energy becomes low. after your first period the pain is known as primary Dysmenorrhoea. Causes of Dysmenorrhoea disorder.

  • Occurs due to imbalance of diet. 
  • Giving reaction in all the situations.
  • Pain occurs in ovaries. 
  • Swelling happens in the womb

2) Amenorrhoea (absent menstrual periods)

It happens when menstrual periods does not occur since 2-3 months in girls. Female who have missed their periods at least 3 menstrual cycles. its happen mainly in during pregnancy.

3) What is menorrhagia ?

Excessive flow of blood during menstruation. Here, more than 80ml of blood flow occurs. Menorrhagia happens before menopause

Treatment for Menstrual disorders through yogic Practice:-

  • Diet needs to be proper. 
  • Banana with curd is taken so that progesterone hormone increases. 
  • Beet juice should be taken 2-3 times a day. 
  • Ginger in hot water should be taken. 
  • The powder of seasam seed with hot water 2-3 glass in a day. 
  • Milk with ghee is intaken for the flexibility of reproductive organs.
  • now we will talk about, yoga for menstrual disorder.

Yoga poses for menstrual problems :-

Micro movements – Before discusing yoga for menstrual disorder. lets we will talk about Micro movement, This practice will work as a warm-up practices. which will generate the heat of the body and it is very much beneficial for the beginners.

★ Vajrasana 

  • 1:- Sit in dandasana, slowly bend your right leg, then left. 
  • 2:- Sit over your heels with legs and knees together. 
  • 3:- Remain for a while and maintain the pose. 

Benefits of Vajrasana :- Provides a relaxing effect on the lower body part of the body. 
Improves digestive disorders. 

★ Sasankasana ( Child pose ) 

yoga for menstrual disorder

  • 1:- First off all adopt the pose of vajrasana, 
  • 2:- Apart your knees a bit. 
  • 3:- Raise your both hands up, slightly bend your body forward. 
  • 4:- Your forehead over the ground. 

Benefits of child pose in menstrual problems:- As it is a sitting forward bending pose kind of asana in which the legs are a bit apart and the body bends forward, in the final position the head is over the ground, and the pelvic region gets a proper stretch. 

★ Crocodile variations 02 / Nakarasana

  • 1:- Both hands up to shoulder line, raise your both legs up 90° 
  • 2:- Slightly drop your both legs over left and head towards the right. 
  • 3:- Slowly come back with reverse order. 

• Do it from another side also. 

Benefits of nakarasana :-  A kind of twisting variations which gives proper massage and twist to the lower extremities of our body. Regulates the proper blood supply towards pelvic. 

★ Marjarasana Cat/cow pose


Step 1:- Take the position of cat pose. 
Step 2:- Inhale with your head up and back arch, 

Exhale with your head down and back hunch. 
Step 3:- Come back with reverse order. 

Benefits of cat / cow pose:- This practice circulates the impure blood towards the Interior vena cava and that blood circulates towards the heart and gets pure. 

★ Bhujangasana 

  • Lie down in prone line position with your legs together
  • Bring your both hands underneath your shoulder, forehead still over the ground. 
  • With inhalation slowly raise your upper body up to navel region.
  • Come back with reverse order. 

Benefits of cobra pose :- The proper arch of the back and pressure is over thighs and pelvic, therefore the secretion of the hormones becomes good. 

★ Bhadrasana 

  • Sit straight with the both the souls of your feet together. 
  • Catch your feet from your hand. 
  • Slightly oscillate your legs in to and fro motion i.e. up and down. 

Benefits of Bhadrasana :- Provides proper movement to the pelvic and the hip joint, which relieves the pain during periods and a sudden stretch at that point

★ Shalabhasana 

  • Lie down in prone line position with your both legs together and forehead over the ground. 
  • Clench your feast, keep your feast under your thighs. 
  • Slowly drag your lower body up at the angle of 30° from the ground. 
  • Slowly come back with reverse order. 

Benefits of Shalabhasana :- The blood circulation becomes good towards uterus and ovaries. 

★ Ustrasana \ camel pose during periperiods

Yoga for menstrual disorder treatment
  • Stand over your knees 
  • Raise your both hands forward in front of your chest. 
  • Bring your both hands back, keep your palms over your feet. 
  • Give a sudden arch to your back with the expansion of your thoracic cavity. 
  • Remain there for some time, at last, come back with reverse order. 

Benefits of camel pose during menstrual cycle:-  Stretches the entire body, and regulates the growth of Estrogen and Progesterone harmones

Pranayama for menstrual cramps –

★ Bhramari pranayama steps and benefits –

  • Sit straight, hands over your knee. 
  • Take a deep breath in and exhale with the hamming sound of the honey bee
  • Do it for 5 – 10 rounds. 

Benefits of Bhramari :-  As it creates the hamming sound of a be due to which hypothalamus stimulate gnrF, gnrf stimulates pituitary gland and it releases FSH and LH hormone which further gets mixes up with ovaries. 

★ Ujjayi pranayama steps and benefits

  • Sit straight, hands over your knee. 
  • Take a deep breath in with contracting your glottis.
  • While exhaling also contracts your glottis, for a better positive effect. 

Benefits of Ujjayi pranayama :- Regulates the function of the pituitary gland which makes the mind calm. 

★ Nadi shodhana pranayama steps and benefits 

  • Sit straight, keep your both hands over the knee. 
  • Make Pranava mudra of your right hand, keep your hands over your nostril. 
  • Inhale from the right nostril and then exhale from left
  • Again inhale from left nostril and exhale from the right. 
  • Togetherly this makes one round of Nadi sodhana pranayama
  • Repeat it for 11 times. 

Benefits of Nadi shodhana pranayama :-  Provides a relaxing effect on the brain due to which the secretion improves which results in the growth of the hormones. 

Benefits of mantra japa during periods

mantra japa during periods

★ Om chanting during periods

  • Sit straight with your hands over your knee. 
  • The Japa of AUM should be in a rhythmic way. 
  • The vibration of O = 30℅ , M = 70℅.
  • Recitation should be in the form of Vaikhari i.e. in high pitch voice. 
  • Repeat it 11 times. 

Benefits of Om chanting :-

A = It will be struck the abdomen region of the body

U = It will struck the heart region of the body

M = It will struck the sinus i.e. the head region of the body

Relives the stress and provides a soothing effect on the body. 
Makes the person calm and quiet. to know about mantra yoga (click here).

★ Gayatri mantra during periods

  • Sit straight in cross-legged posture, with your hands over your knee. 
  • Adopt the proper gesture of Gyan or chin mudra. 
  • Start the recitation of Gayatri mantra in a rhythmic pattern with high pitched vibrations in it.
  • Repeat it for 11 times. 

Benefits Gayatri mantra :-

The vibrations provide a soothing effect on the mind and regulates the proper growth and secretion of the hormone.

Hope, this article will help you to deal with your menstrual problems. If you have any suggestion or any Question regarding Yoga for menstrual disorder, comment down below. 24houryoga will help you to maintain your health.


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