Yoga for Period Cramps : how to reduce period pain


what comes first when we think of periods? ” Ouch ”  it pains, moods swings, irritation, stress… etc. so today we are going to talk about How to reduce period cramps easily. period cramps are generally felt in the stomach and spread through thighs and back. there is an infinite number of solutions to this but I’m ( KOMAL GODARA ) going to discuss the two main things on how we can reduce menstrual pain

these are :

  • Diet :-
    • what you should eat and not eat during periods to reduce cramps.
  • Yoga for Menstrual pain :-
    • 10 basic and easy yoga asanas to help to reduce period cramps.

Yoga for period cramps :-

🔴So first I would like to tell you about the asanas for menstrual which you should do to reduce the mensurational cramps.
starting from 


Twists are absolutely incredible for any kind of tummy problem. They promote good digestion (which is disturbed during your period), relieve pressure in the lower back and nourish the spine.

Steps :-

  • Sit in a traditional sitting position.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Put one hand at your back on the mat.
  • Another hand on the opposite knee and gently twist back. as if you are looking for someone behind you.
  • Inhale while you twist back and exhale as u come back to normal.


Side bends bring balance to your entire body. Seated side bends lengthen the hips, thigh muscles and abdominal muscles while improving flexibility in the spine. Side bends help a lot to relieve pain during periods.

Steps :-

  • Sit in a traditional sitting position.
  • Place one hand at your side on a mat
  • Stretch another hand and take it above your head and bent a little.
  • Inhale as you bent at one side and exhale when you come back to normal.



Engage the quadriceps muscles to lift and strengthen the front of the thighs and help to relax back.

Steps :-

  • Sit in a traditional sitting position.
  • Big inhale and stretch your hands up. keeping your back straight.
  • Exhale when you come to normal.


This asana helps to gives amazing stretch to most parts of the body. The muscles of the thighs and knees are toned and make the practitioner agile and active.
Relaxation is a key factor while performing asanas.

COW FACE POSE for Period cramps

Steps :-

  • Place one knee over another.
  • Keep your back straight
  • Take one hand over your head and grab the other.
  • Keep your breathing normal.


( Paschimottanasana) Seated forward Bend. It gives a good stretch to whole back of your body. from your calves to your hamstrings (back of the thighs) to your spine.

Steps :-

  • Lay your legs straight in front of you
  • Take a big inhale, keeping your back straight.
  • Lean forward as you exhale and try to hold your toes.
  • Come back up with big inhale.


It calms the brain, helps to overcome depression.
stretches hamstring, calves, back and relax abdominal muscles.

Steps :-

  • Place one leg straight in front of you and another folded inside touching your thighs.
  • Take a big inhale, stretch up keeping your back straight.
  • As you exhale lean forward, touching the knees.


It helps to relieve period pain. Stand on your hands and knees and lift your knees. Lift your hip towards the sky and stretch your heels and shoulders.
it stretches the hamstring, back and calves

Steps :-

  • Keep your fingers open to distribute weight equally.
  • Legs straight, toes pointing towards the hands.
  • back should be straight.
  • Breathe normally.


Cobra Pose is a mild backbend that strengthens the back and hips while reducing stiffness. cobra Pose helps increase circulation thereby reducing aches and associated fatigue.

Steps :-

  • Lay down on the mat, keeping your chest on the floor.
  • Place your hands on the mat, usually shoulder distance wide and big inhale as you come up.
  • Bent your spine slowly.
  • Exhale as you come down.


This pose helps in fatigue and insomnia to anxiety to headaches, your period doesn’t stand a chance against this relaxing post.

COW FACE POSE for Period cramps

Steps :-

  • Lay straight in the mat
  • Place your hand to your sides.
  • Bent your legs while touching your soles with each other forming an angle.
  • Keep the breathing normal


Balasana Child’s pose is the resting pose. a pose is a great option for those suffering from menstrual pain originating in the back. By gently stretching the low back muscles, Child’s pose will relax back and also quieting the mind.

Steps :-

  • Separate your knees as wide as possible usually mat distance.
  • Big toes pointing together behind you.
  • Soften your hips down towards your heels.
  • Extend your arms in front of you. let your shoulder relax, place your forehead on your mat.
  • Take a few deep breaths to completely relax

Do every exercise for 15-20 seconds.

•  Coming to diet : Foods to eat and some avoid during periods cramps

❌Food to avoid during  menstrual cycle :

  • Salt.
  • processed Sugar.
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Red meat.
  • processed food.
  • milk.
  • Foods that are not suitable for you.

✅ food to take during period cramps

  • Omega 3 food.
  • high fibre food.
  • magnesium-rich food.
  • iron-rich food.
  • also, increase the water intake during periods.

For more About period Cramps check this video

Above mentioned all yoga for reduce period pain and Diet not only helps in reducing Period Cramps but also help to relieve stress, fatigue, makes our mood happy and boost Immune system.


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