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Benefits of Kunjal kriya

kunjal kriya : how to do & Benefits of Vaman Dhauti

Here we will talk about one of the Shatkarma - Kunjal kriya for acid reflux. It is also known as Vaman Dhauti,...
Yoga Therapy for Arthritis

Yoga Therapy for Arthritis- Effective way to cure Arthritis

Nowdays, many Problems/diseases are occured due to unhealthy lifestyle. So, Here we will talk about the most common Disease which is known...
Yoga asana for Diabetes mellitus

Yoga for Diabetes mellitus : Yogic treatment to cure diabetes

NAMASKAR, now a days lots of people are suffering from Diabetes. SO, today we will talk about Yoga for Diabetes mellitus and...
Yoga asanas for Hair growth

Yoga asanas for Hair growth : 7 Effective poses

Lustrous, shiny hair is every woman’s dream but due to our crazy lifestyle these days and many other factors which cause hair...
yoga pose for stress free life

yoga pose for stress free life : 5 asana and Stress Buster tips

Hectic lifestyle leading people to stress and hypertension. It's common knowledge that the modern man leads a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle. which...
yoga for menstrual disorder

Yoga for menstrual disorder : 9 effective asana

Menstruation disorder is a kind of disorder which basically take place in females. Now we will discuss some Types of Menstruation disorders...
prenatal Yoga poses for womens

Yoga for pregnancy | prenatal Yoga poses for womens

Mood swings, morning sickness, headaches, hair-fall and many other changes makes your pregnancy a bit difficult. Yoga for pregnancy poses practice can...
back pain yogasana for Lower back pain yoga

Lower Back pain Yoga to relieve back pain: 24Houryoga

Lots of people are suffering Lower Back Pain and here is solution yoga asanas for back pain with pictures for Relieving Lower...

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