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Lots of people are suffering Lower Back Pain and here is solution yoga asanas for back pain with pictures for Relieving Lower Back Pain. Lower back pain is more common. it is worth trying some yoga stretches to address baby tightness and alignment issue. Back pain causes because of lifted heavy weight or lifts weight in the wrong way. Or sitting long in the chair or sleep in discomfort position. Many ways can affect. So here we will talk about “ lower back pain yogasna to relieve back pain from yoga

Relieving Lower Back Pain Yogasanas
Yoga for back pain relief BY- @fit_girl_priya

Why I Choose lower back pain yoga? Because –

There are two reasons to choose this topic ( Yoga for lower back pain ) because I suffered a lot with this back pain. I am an Athlete. I competed in powerlifting. There is one task of the deadlift. Deadlift gives direct pain to your lower back while you lift the weight. The deadlift is a very strong workout and I injured badly two times even I had to go to physicians but it didn’t work to me.

Yoga gave me so much strength and relief from back pain through yoga poses. To get back to my competition. The second one is ‘ My menstruation days‘. In those days I suffer from lower back pain in periods also. I know it’s a natural pain in those times but it gives so much pain even sometimes I can’t tolerate this. Women have different problems and pain in menstrual periods.

I knew that my pain, we can not stop that but yes we can reduce pain by doing some good effective yoga for lower back pain to deal with menstrual period pain or cramps. Which is not only gives you relief from period pain but also gives you the strength to do work in those days.

Effective Lower back pain Yoga poses :-

There are 5 simple yoga asanas or pose which will gives you relief from lower back pain by doing these effective yogasana for back pain.

(1). Bhujangasana or cobra pose for back pain

Bhujangasana or cobra pose for lower back pain yoga
  • Lying down in your stomach.
  • Keep your toes closer.
  • your palm under the shoulder and besides your chest.
  • Do your chest up and look forward ( half posture).
  • Keep your chest up until you feel some stretches in your lower back.
  • Then come back in makarsana ( in relax position).
  • Repeat it 4-5 times.

Benefits cobra pose :- ” It is a powerful asana. which extends the chest and Spine deeply. And also decrease the stiffness of our lower back and gives relief from lower back pain “.

(2). Marjariasana or Cat and Cow Pose

1st round

  • Sit in vajrasana, go higher on your knees, keep it apart right under your hip line.
  • Keep your back flat like a table.
  • Keep your wrist under the shoulder.
  • Drop your spinal cord down, take your hip above towards ceiling or the sky.
  • Keep chest in front and chin to the sky. First-round Second round

2nd round

  • Under your stomach, move spinal cord very High towards the ceiling or the sky.
  • Now touch your chin to your chest.
  • Now take a breath and repeat it 4 – 5 times.

Benefits of Cat and Cow Pose :- ” Marjariasana is a gentle sequence of two asanas that stretches the spine & prepares your body for the active move. This asana helps to relieve back pain and also helps to strengthen your back “.

(3). Setu Bandhasana or bridge pose :-

  • Lying down in your back and bend the knee.
  • Keep your hands on the floor. and knees hip-width apart.
  • Keep your feet apart.
  • Then raise your hips night toward the ceiling or the sky that your chest comes up to your chin.
  • Now keep your hip high until you feel some stretch or pain in it.
  • Then bring your hip down slowly. ➢ Repeat it 4 – 5 times.

Benefits of Setu Bandhasana :- It relieves quickly the weakness of lower back muscle. And improve backward bending. It gives adequate stretches to the chest, neck, and spine also “.

(4). Balasana or Child pose

  • First sitting on your heels or sit in varjasana.
  • Slowly move on to a table pose. Keep lower the hips to the heels and forehead to the floor.
  • Have the knees together or if more comfortable spread the knees slightly apart.
  • The arms will be on overhead with your palms on the floor.
  • Remember that this is a calming pose so find what works best for you to relax.
  • Breath slowly and deeply. ➢ Repeat it 4 to 5 times.

Benefits of Child pose :- ” Balasana / child pose will gives you a stretches to your lower back with hips and thighs also. And also gives relaxation to your spine, shoulder and neck. It is super relaxation pose, it calms the body and mind “.

(5). Crocodile Variation or Nakarasana for relieve lower back pain

Steps of Nakarasana :-

how to do Nakarasana
  • Lie on your back, stretch your arm to the side , palm touching the floor.
  • Bend your knees to the chest.
  • Twist to the left side head rolls to the right side and press your shoulder to the floor and also twist your bend lower part of the body to the left side then breath.
  • Now twist to the right side head to the left side, press your shoulder to the floor and twist your bend lower part of the body to the right side.
  • Breath while twisting. Repeat it 4 to 5 times.

Benefits of Nakarasana :- ” Crocodile Variation or Nakarasana reduces stiffness of lower back and also, gives relaxion to muscles and good stretch to spine. As Nakarasana is variation pose so , it stretches your another body muscles also “.

Should i do yoga with lower back pain?

If you have a normal back pain then you can do some basic yoga and if there is more pain, then please do rest for a few days. because if you do some advance yoga then pain may can be increase therefore, please avoid while you have back pain. Now a days peoples are suffering lower back pain from yoga. So be carefull while doing yogasana.

Conclusion :- Hope so that, this article – back pain yogasana for Lower back pain benefit for you. Do these poses for relieving lower back pain. If you can not identify proper posture or and can not feel any stretch in an asana. then my suggestion that “please consult this to the Doctor or any specialist” OR comment down below your querry So, that you find that easy and take good benefits of these Back pain Yogasana.

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