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Namaskaar now we will talk about the myths or Common misconception about yoga. A lot of peoples are in rumour. They didn’t know the reality behind yoga. All are thinking yoga is only for doing exercises and asanas for cure any disease etc. Yoga has become a part of people’s lives around the whole Glob. we have been told that  Doing yoga is beneficial for mind and body both. This is indeed a true fact.

Common misconception about yoga

Myths and Misconceptions about Yoga practice –

Many people of all ages are going to classes for doing yoga for their health purpose and some are going for only to use their time. Because they have not any idea how to utilise the time and they saw their friends are going to yoga class and ultimately they are also decided to go.

Some people are doing yoga by reading books and watching tutorial through YouTube and on any platform of the internet. From all these things as exercise, Physical fitness and therapy.

Yoga is Practice in which we can connect our individual soul ( Aatma ) with universal Soul ( Paramatma ). yoga means unite ( join ). through yoga we can control our thought waves which arise in every second in our mind.

According to Some scientists and researchers, yoga is an effective way to treat the disease like cold, Asthma, Diabetes, arthritis and mental disorders. But it’s not guaranteed that yoga can cure disease Fully and yoga is not only for cure disease.

Yoga has a lot of objectives. Now, it’s time to put all these rumours one side and we will discuss one by one common myths and misconceptions about yoga practice.

‌know the reality behind all Common misconception about yoga

1. Who introduced yoga for the first time ?:-

Lots of people thinking that yoga is popular in the last decade. And comes from Western culture. Many people think yoga is popular by Swami Baba Ramdev and by Sadguru or Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This all Swami’s a are modern yogi.

They give the only direction or give knowledge about yoga, Not gives yoga to us. Yoga is the 5000-year-old Practice. Yoga is mentioned in all ancient Text of India Like Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad (Swetashwar, kathopnishad, Taitarya, Mundaka Upanishad etc… ) Mahabharat, Ramayana, Vedas mainly from Rigveda.

common myths and misconception about yoga practice

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “ YUJ ” which means to join or Connect with Mind, Body and Soul. Yoga originated From India. Now popular in western culture and they want to get All knowledge about yoga.

2. What is the difference between asana and yoga ?

People who do Asanas they think they are yogi And they doing yoga. But it’s common myths and misconceptions about yoga practice, because asana is part of yoga.  under 8 limbs of Astanga Yoga in Patanjali yoga sutra and Astanga yoga is part of Raj yoga. So we can’t say doing Asana is yoga. it’s just 3rd limbs out of 8 limbs of yoga.

  • Following limbs of Astanga yoga:-
    • 1. Yama
    • 2. Niyama
    • 3. Asana
    • 4. Pranayama
    • 5. Pratyahara
    • 6. Dharna
    • 7. Dhyaan
    • 8. Samadhi

3. Gender contributions of Yoga to society

People think the only woman can do yoga. Nowadays women’s are doing yoga more then males. Because through yoga female can achieve their ideal body, with glowing skin.

Gender contributions of Yoga to society

Girls are more aware of their health. In western countries, women’s are fastly moving towards yoga. And people think the female body is more flexible and they can do easily posture. Yes, it’s true but the male can also achieve flexibility like girls by doing daily yoga practice.

4. Yoga is Religion :- Common misconception about yoga

Yoga is a religious practice. some people think through yoga practice they can associate with religion and spirituality. And think yoga is only for Hindu. But it’s not true yoga for all peoples all can do. In ancient time through yoga practice, they can live a healthy lifestyle.

5. Misconceptions about Yoga practice

Peoples are doing yoga for getting good physical Fitness and getting healthy. Through yoga, we can also get mental health. Because through yoga practice we can achieve both mental health and physical health. And live a healthy life without any health problems.

Misconceptions about Yoga practice

Is Yoga only for flexibile people :-

Some yoga practitioner shows their advance asana to people. People think yoga is flexibility. In yoga, lot of asana For advance Practice, we have to do a daily practice of basic yoga asana. Those who are not yet flexible they also can do yoga.

Yoga is just Stretching or not :-

Every Sportsperson are doing some yoga practice for warm-up. And doing some stretching before playing their game. To avoid getting injuries during the game. but yoga is more then just stretching.

6. Yoga for Treatment / Therapy:-

Yes, it’s true yoga can cure diseases like Asthana, Diabetes, Arthritis And mental disorders. Because through yoga practice internal organs getting a massage. And stimulate or activate their function Therefore, organs functioning well. through it, the disease can cure but not totally 100%. Yoga can Stop the growth of disease and stable the disease.

7. Yoga is only for Sage ?

Myths and Misconception about Yoga practice

Some people think yoga is only for Saint And through yoga, you have to leave the materialistic life. It’s not compulsory to become bhramachari. Nowadays everyone doing yoga for immunity and getting better health. In ancient time most of the sages do yoga for tapa. But now everyone can do.

8. Yoga is Risky :- yoga can give Injuries ?

A lot of yoga instructor not having the proper knowledge, How to teach yoga from basic level.

some people are doing Postures by seeing advance Practitioner. They do forcefully Practice and getting injuries. While doing yoga we have taken care of our limits. And don’t do after seeing any advance asana.

Some people can do easily posture because of their daily practice. Through daily practice, Everyone can do advance asana. In yoga, you have to take patience.

In the U.S.A. through yoga they are getting injuries. Because of not taking care of their own limits. ( SOURCE )

9. Yoga can be learned through Books or Tutorial video:-

It’s not easy to learn yoga from books and watching the tutorial on YouTube. Because everyone has limits how much they can do. Before doing any Practice of yoga you have to consult from a yoga instructor or any Doctor. To avoid unwanted injury.

10. Common misconceptionYoga is a Post Retirement plan :-

Some people think we will do yoga after retirement. Because after retirement we have sufficient time to do. But it’s not a good thing.

We have to do yoga every day because in a short time of Practice we didn’t get more benefits. Yoga can balance our mind and body. All have some tension and stress in life. And through yoga and meditation, we overcome depression and anxiety disorder. And live a healthy lifestyle.

We all are busy in the job and getting daily stress and going into depression. If we will do daily yoga for 30 minutes then we can easily fight with any problem regarding health and stay fit and healthy.


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