Bhakti yoga : The Devotional path of Yoga


Here we will talk about BHAKTI YOGA. Which includes the exact meaning of bhakti, the purpose of doing bhakti, the types of bhakti Yoga, the different types of bhakt, bhakti according to different texts, the lines said by Sri. Krishna that what probably the person can gain by doing bhakti, and the main aim of bhakti-yoga. In this present age, the purpose of doing bhakti is giving peace of respect to God and thanking God for their happy life. 

What is Bhakti Yoga ?

Bhakti Yoga:- Bhakti yoga is a part of Prana-Samyamane yoga. 

According to the nature of the person, their interest, their feelings they should adopt this practice of yoga. If a  person wants to perform spiritual activities, can go for towards this path. Absolute love and freedom from sufferings are Bhakti. When a person gets introvert in Bhakti then their heart becomes pure completely, then he gives love to everyone.

 It is the process soul reaches from normal to supreme state

Schandilya Bhakti 

The literal meaning of Bhakti is derived in 3 classes :- 

  • Bhajan – singing spiritual songs, doing Jagran and Kirtan to praise god.
  • Bhanjan – It takes place when Pancha koshas & vrittis and bhakt does not distinguish between any one, they see equally to everyone. The positive attitude gets indulged automatically in the person. 
  • Bhoga – It is done for the prapti of Ananda, this form is also known as Swaram Swarupa. 

Types of Bhakti Yoga :-

  • Para Bhakti – It is a kind of bhakti done by a person to get something. It is also known as self-bhakti. To ful-fill the desires and dreams this bhakti is done. This bhakti can be done to anybody, either he is a god or any human being.  The main motto is to gain something from others.
  • Apara Bhakti – It is a kind of bhakti where no give and take relationship is there between God and human being. It is also known as selfless bhakti. Through this person can achieve the state of moksha or liberation.  In this person gets completely devoted towards the god, where he/she can’t see rather than god. like:- Hanuman completely devoted himself to Shri. RamMeera Bai completely surrendered herself in praising Lord Krishna
Types of Bhakti Yoga

There are four types of Bhakt :-

  • Artha – To get ride of sufferings and pain person does bhakti, they are known as Artha bhakt. Their main aim is to reach towards moksha. 
  • Arthato – In, this the priests in the temple perform specific rituals, chants devotional matras, through this kind of act they move towards moksha. 
  • Gigyashu – The person gets very much interested and wanted to gain knowledge from Sadhana, they are known as jigyashu
  • Gyani – The sadhaka having higher knowledge and this form of knowledge is gained by doing sadhana, those people are known as Gyani

Bhakti yoga in Bhagavad Geeta :-

Here, in 12 chapter about bhakti yoga is mentioned. 

Sri. Krishna says if the person wants to gain me or the ultimate wisdom, then they should surrender and devote themselves completely towards me. 

In shloka-20

Sri. Krishna is telling to Arjuna that the main motive of Bhagavad Geeta is to achieve “Brahmari Avasta”.

★ Narada Bhakti Sutra

According to this Param Prema svarupa is Bhakti. In Narada Bhakti sutra about Navavidha Bhakti is mentioned i.e. 9 types of Bhakti:-

  1. Listening
  2. Chanting
  3. Remembrance
  4. Service to feet
  5. Ritual
  6. Prostration
  7. Slavic devotion
  8. Friendship
  9. Self-surrendering

Navavidha Bhakti : Steps of bhakti Yoga –


Listening –

It is the first step of bhakti, because of listening to the overthinking process takes place, and due to this our desires increases. 

Chanting –

By chanting we give peace of respect to God and we get devoted towards him. 


Remembering or recalling process is known as a remembrance. Thinking about the goal of life. 

Service to feet –

To devote yourself to do something whether you want to do or not. 

Ritual –

Worshipping god by putting a few things like flower, milk, water, Chandan, mala, etc. 

Prostration –

Saluting to God for whatever you are today. 

Slavic devotion 

A feeling and emotion for doing something for someone. By removing ego-sense giving respect to someone. Not feeling shy to do Seva of guru. The purity of our mind increases. 


With whom you can share anything without any convenience. 

Self-surrendering –

To present yourself how you are and to share everything. Realization towards yourself. A complete devotional and the surrendering attitude towards the Lord. 


The main motto of bhakti-yoga is the gain the absolute form of love i.e. Param Ananda ki Prapti. 


This topic indicates and teaches us that bhakti is not only to show devotee or respect towards God but also to each and every people and the most important thing the bhakti towards yourself that how much you are important for your own self. We can’t attain liberation in this present life but we can learn to live a happy life and can serve a token of love in the form of bhakti for everyone. This will show the true sense of bhakti and will give intense happiness.


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