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24 HOUR YOGA ! blog was started by our Insta Community Where we share EVERYTHING ABOUT YOGA . How yoga helps to cure disease and overcome from stress and anxiety . it’s doesn’t matter you did yoga Before or Not.
prenatal Yoga poses for womens

Yoga for pregnancy | prenatal Yoga poses for womens

Mood swings, morning sickness, headaches, hair-fall and many other changes makes your pregnancy a bit difficult. Yoga for pregnancy poses practice can...
back pain yogasana for Lower back pain yoga

Lower Back pain Yoga to relieve back pain: 24Houryoga

Lots of people are suffering Lower Back Pain and here is solution yoga asanas for back pain with pictures for Relieving Lower...
yog darshan

Yoga Darshan :- Overview of Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Darshan is one of the ancient Darshana. As Indian Philosophy system is termed as Darshana which literally means knowing or seeing....
pranayam for skin

Pranayama for skin : How to get Wrinkle-free glowing skin

Science has revealed that yoga is best when it comes to overall wellness. However, Yoga is not just about doing asanas. The...
how to reduce period pain

Yoga for Period Cramps : how to reduce period pain

what comes first when we think of periods? " Ouch "  it pains, moods swings, irritation, stress... etc. so today we are...
Mantra Yoga (Type of Yoga) : Definition And 16 stpes

Mantra Yoga (Type of Yoga) : Definition And 16 stpes

Yoga is derived from Sanskrit root yuj it means to connect, union or unite. it is the union of jivatma (individual soul)...
what is bhakti yoga

Bhakti yoga : The Devotional path of Yoga

Here we will talk about BHAKTI YOGA. Which includes the exact meaning of bhakti, the purpose of doing bhakti, the types of...
7 poses for healthy lifestyle

Yoga for Health benefits : 7 poses for healthy lifestyle

Yoga is an effective tool for our mind, body and soul to balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is very important...

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