About Om mantra :- What does it means ?


About om mantra :- AUM is the Universal transcendental sound. 
Before the existence of earth, there was a sound present in universe and that was, AUM. 
By chanting of AUM/Om mantra we can make the connection between our earthly existence i.e. our present time and our sprituality i.e. after our death. 

About AUM symbol meaning :-

                    A          U           M
                    |           |          |
                   G           O            D
                 /              |               \
  Generator       Operator        Destroyer 
         |                    |                |
   Brahma            Vishnu            Mahesh

Stages of Om (AUM) :-

As per AUM there are 4 stages of life i.e.

  • A – It means creation, birth or the beginning of life. 
  • U – It represents the existence of our life after birth before death. 
  • M – It symbolizes the end of our life i.e. death. 

In the final or fourth stage we witness silence and the potential that exists in the state of emptiness. 

How to chant aum mantra :- 3 ways to chanting om :- 

 The recitation of om can be done in 3 phases i.e.

  • 1) Vaikhari – Here, the recitation is be done in high pitch volume. It is practiced for beginner om chant.
  • 2) Upanshu – Here, the recitation is done in low pitch voice as similar as like the murmuring sound of honey bee. It is practiced by intermediate / mild practitioner of om. 
  • 3) Manas – Here, the recitation is done in mind i.e. mindful recitation.  It is practiced by experts. 

AUM as per different yogic texts :-

It says that it is difficult to control our thought waves, different vrittis arises in our chitta, that stimulate prana, so if we control prana we can control our thought waves and mind and this can be only done by following the recitation of AUM. it is benefits of chanting aum.

It says AUM represents present, past and future. om has no beginning no end. 
It brings equilibriumin each and every aspects of our mind and body, and destroys our ego, expectations and desires. when we chant om.

The recitation of AUM is ” Nadanusandhana ” in hatha yoga pradipika.
It increases the concentration of our mind which leads you to Dhyana and Samadhi

Relation between AUM (🕉) and Chakras (☸️) 

  • A – It is connected with Mooladhara and Swadiathana Chakra
  • U – It is connected with Manipura Chakra
  • M – It is connected with Anahat, Vishuddhi and Ajna Chakra. 

As we know that chakras are the wheels of energy therefore, AUM makes chakras more powerful which makes the person energetic. 

By the recitation of AUM, the prana gets upward direction through which kundalini will be awakened. 

Scientific view over the recitation of AUM 🕉 :-

Om scientific explanation :- As per the wave of the sound and the waves of the light travels, similarly when the recitation of the AUM is done then the waves travels the same. 

As the wavelength of the wave is high the frequency becomes low i.e.
              λ ∝ 1/ f    

and when the frequency becomes high the wavelength becomes low i.e.  
              f ∝ 1/λ

Other names of AUM :-

  • 1) Aum is also known as Sabdha Brahma which means the absolute form of pure consciousness. 
  • 2) It is also said that AUM and Lord Ganesha both are same.
  • 3) AUM is used by Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, as Omkara etc. is om synonyms in sanskrit 
  • 4) The other name of AUM is “PRANAVA“.

About Pranava in yoga sutra it has been mentioned in PYS , chapter – 1 , Sadhana pada, sutra no.- 27

        || Tasya Vachakah Pranavah || 

This means through the recitation of pranava we resembles or indicate GOD.

This sutra is co-related with sutra -23 i.e

 || Isvara-pranidhanat-va || 

This means we surrender ishvara by reciting AUM.

Features of OM / AUM :-

  • AUM is one word mantra. 
  • Aum is one of the most powerful mantra. 
  • It is the essence of all the mantras. 
  • Every mantra begins from AUM, otherwise it is incomplete. 
  • AUM is regarded as the kind of all the mantras. 
  • Before the practice of yoga, the chanting of AUM mantra in the form of prayer with complete surrendering and devotional attitude towards the Lord will provide a kind of blissful state. 

Benfits of Om / AUM for common people :-

  • Improves the focus and the concentration of mind. 
  • Relieves the stressful condition of a person. 
  • Makes the person energetic. 
  • Good for all the kind of disease and disorder. 
  • Helps to balance the mental and emotional status of human being.
  • Regulates the breathing pattern. 
  • Makes the attention inward. 
Benfits of Om / AUM mantra

Conclusion about OM mantra :- 

AUM is the most powerful thing in this world, nothing is bigger then AUM, it is the essence of living beings, GOD and the entire universe


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