kunjal kriya : how to do & Benefits of Vaman Dhauti


Here we will talk about one of the Shatkarma Kunjal kriya for acid reflux. It is also known as Vaman Dhauti, in which we will talk about Benefits of Vaman dhauti and precautions.

Meaning of Vaman Dhauti kriya :- Vaman means ‘vomiting’ and Dhauti means ‘cleansing’ This means cleansing by vomiting. 

Shatkarmas cleansing techniques –

About Shatkarma kriya is a type of yogic practice which includes 6 types of cleansing or purification process. It is also known as shuddhi kriya. The six types of cleansing process are :-

  1. Dhauti
  2. Basti
  3. Neti
  4. Nauli
  5. Trataka
  6. Kapalbhati

These are the practices which are followed before the practice of pranayama. These are the kind of purification process which removes the impurities of human body and balances the 3 doshas.

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha. 

Objective of Kunjala dhauti kriya:-

  • It’s activate the upper G.I. track.
  • Remove the acidic material and unwanted materials from the stomach.
  • To balance the 3 doshas i.e. vatta, pitta, kapha. 

How to do Vaman dhauti :- Steps and preparation

Vaman dhauti is a also a kind of cleansing process which comes under Dhauti kriya. It is also known as kunjal kriya. This helps to clean the upper part of the body. 

Preparation for Dhauti kriya:- 

  • Wash your hands and make sure that your nails are carefully trimmed.
  • Prepare 2 liters of lukewarm water(body temperature) , add tea 1 spoon full of salt per litre according to taste.
  • Before this practice stomach should be empty. 
  • Previous practice for vaman dhauti is :- Nauli or Nauli Chalana

Kunjal kriya Steps :-

  • i) Stand near the sink or an open area like garden or near open drain.
  • ii) Drink atleast 6 glass of water till the time stomach gets full. It is important to drink fast, do not stop.
  • iii) When the stomach will get full then the vomiting sensation starts automatically.
  • iv) Lean forward by keeping the trunk horizontal, open the mouth and place the index and middle finger of the right hand as far back the tongue.
  • v) This will help water to come out of the mouth.
  • vi) When the flow of water comes out of the mouth, again place the fingers in the mouth and repeat the process.
  • vi) Continue this until the stomach gets empty. 

Time of Practice :- i) Practice early morning before the breakfast. ii) This practice should be done once in a week. 

Vaman dhauti precautions :-

These practices should not be performed by the people who are suffering from

According to different texts :-

kunjal kriya  Benefits of Vaman Dhauti

Vaman Dhauti in Hathapradipika :-

Here, about six cleansing process (Shatkarma) is mentioned but Svatamaram classified dhauti into two phases i.e.

  • Vastra Dhauti
  • Gajakarni

Gajakarni is also known as vaman dhauti. The difference here is the fingers are not required to create vomiting sensation. Here, the anti-perstaltic movement takes place through which water comes out from the mouth and this seems like elephant throwing water out of its trumpet. 

Benfits according to Hathapradipika :-

  • i) Yogis raise the apana vayu to the throat and vomit the food lying in the stomach.
  • ii) Controls the group of nadis.
  • iii) Stimulates the Manipur chkra and Vishuddhi chakra

Dhauti in Ghrenda Samhita :-

  1. Dhauti
  2. Antardhauti
  3. Dantadhauti 
  4. Hrddhauti –Hrd means ‘heart’ and Dhauti means ‘cleansing’. 
    • Danda Dhauti
    • Vaman Dhauti
    • Vastra Dhauti
  5. Mulasodhana

Benfits according Ghrenda Samhita :- By constant practice one can get rid of diseases which occurs due to phlegm and bile. 

Benefits of Kunjal kriya or vaman Dhauti –

General benfits of kunjal :-

  • Diaphragam and abdominal muscles are well exercised that helps in the further practice of asana and pranayama.
  • Improve the respiration process of our body.
  • Does the internal purification.
  • Removes cough, bacteria, acid, bule juice, all unnecessarily materials out of the body.
  • Removes the heaviness of abdomen. 

Anatomical aspects of Dhauti kriya :-

  • When the intake of water is there and stomach gest full then eccentric contraction takes place i.e. the angle of the rectus abdomen gets increased.
  • The internal layers of oesophagus i.e. muscularise, serosa, submocumosa and mucosa completely get washed which removes the mucus and bacteria present in it.
  • The inner linings of oral cavity gets activated and the formation of protein mucin takes place which forms saliva.
  • The salivary glands gets activated i.e. Paratid gkand, Sub-mandibular and Sub-lingular.

Physiological aspects :-

  • The technique tone and stimulate all the abdominal organs by including strong muscular contraction in the stomach walls.
  • Improves the functioning of G.I Track.
  • Respiratory system gets cleaned from nose to alvoli.
  • It is the best cleansing process which cleanses the internal body due to which the nervous system gets activated.
  • The activation of vagus nerve takes place due to which all three systems gets activated i.e. digestive system, respiratory system and Excretory System and along with that the peristalsis of large intestine happens and the defication takes place.
  • It activates the digestive system and gives rest to the body.
  • It activates the parasympathetic activity i.e. Heart rate ⬇      Respiratory rate ⬇
  • The formation of saliva takes place due to which helps to break the complex carbohydrates into simple one.
  • The process of respiration i.e. inhalation and exhalation becomes good.
  • It improves the production of speech. 

Psychological aspects :-

  • The technique helps to release pen-up emotions and emotional blocks or feelings.
  • Person feels lightness.
  • Mind becomes calm and quiet. 

Therapeutic aspects :-

  • Good for the people suffering from constipation.
  • Removes indigestion.
  • Removes phlegm, mucus and infectious bacteria from the stomach.
  • Good for the asthametic patients.
  • Removes unwanted spots from the skin and makes them glow.
  • It balances the kapha and pitta doshas in the stomach.
  • Good for the people suffering from insomnia.
  • Removes digestive disorders. 

Spiritual aspects :-

  • Stimulates
    • Vishuddhi Chakra.
    • Manipur chakra. 

Scientific aspects :-

As salt water is alkaline in nature, therefore when it goes inside the stomach it levels up the excessive secretion of HCL (Hydrochloric acid).

2Nacl + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2 + Cl2

Conclusion :-

Vaman Dhauti or Kunjal kriya is the most essential cleansing process which provides a positive results in all the aspects including average normal people, to patients suffering from any kind of disease or disorder. 


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